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Sorry, Award Community News is closed!

Jun 18 2013 | By ACN Admin
We all know the award community is slowly fading away. Once it was a booming community but now only few still exist.

This may be sad for some but on the other hand it's a natural process. Things come and go. We should accept this and focus on other, new adventures.

Award Community News had it's purpose within the community but, rather then letting it slowly fade away I think it's best to pull the plug.

So, Award Community News will be closed.

In order to do this in a decent way there will be a time scedule:

1. From this day on it will no longer be possible to add new articles or to modify existing ones.

2. All AP owners are advised to remove the RSS feed from their sites because the feed will no longer be available.

3. From August 1th 2013 this site will be no longer available. So all AP owners will have time to update their sites.

4. Starting August 1th 2013 the index page of ACN will be replaced by a static page saying ACN is closed. This last article will be visible on that page.

5. There will be a link to the Code of Ethics, which is hosted on ACN. The COE will be available from this page for one (1) year from now.

I would like to thank everybody for the input during the years that ACN existed.
I wish you all the best!

Code of Ethics (available until Aug 01 2014)
Jul 26 2013 | By ACN Admin
Although CEM/CEMA has been closed for some considerable time I have only today ( August 15th, 2008 ) ascertained that the Code of Ethics ( COE ) document was never licensed within the Public Domain by CEM/CEMA as was requested by myself many years past and as CEM/CEMA is no longer able to provide safe haven for the Code of Ethics ( COE ) document I have today, as the prime author of the Code of Ethics ( COE ) placed the document under a Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution Non-commercial Share Alike United States License and have also gifted the original Code of Ethics ( COE ) document to the Award Community News for the benefit of the overall Awards Community reserving the right for the owner of Award Community News and myself to jointly decide the future of the Code of Ethics ( COE ) should the Award Community News prematurely close.

Under the terms of the License we all remain free to remix, tweak, translate, redistribute and build upon our individual Code of Ethics ( COE ) documents non-commercially on condition we credit the Award Community News and license our Code of Ethics ( COE ) creations under identical terms as may be seen by accessing the image link we provide.

I would like to see, if possible, ACN provide online a permanent copy of the original Code of Ethics ( COE ) for those who wish to copy, paste and then adapt same according to their needs plus including the terms of the License.

Rhonda Serong

The Code of Ethics ( COE ) is licensed under a Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution Non-commercial Share Alike United States License.

You can download the COE here. (zipped .doc file)